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Registration for Spring 2019 is now open! Save now with the early bird special!
<------- Click Register Online
  • Spring early bird registration period (discount): 11/25/18 - 1/31/19 (Complete)
  • Spring regular registration period (normal): 2/1/19 - 3/14/19 (Complete)
  • Late registration period (+$15): 3/8/19 - 4/11/19
  • Spring Draft: Saturday, 3/16/19 (Complete)
  • Spring rec uniform order in: 3/18/19
  • General assembly: Monday, 3/18/19 (7pm at Salem High PAC)
  • Field cleanup/Gear pickup: Saturday 4/13/19
  • Tag weekend: April 5-7
  • Practices begin: 4/15/19
  • School vacation (no games, practices only): 4/22/19 - 4/28/19
  • Spring regular season: 4/29/19 - 6/8/19
  • Spring Playoffs: 6/10/19 - 6/13/19
  • Gear return: Saturday, 6/15/19 (time TBD)
Congratulations to those who have been selected
to our 2018-19 14u Blue Devils team!


Manager: Steve Twombly - 8th Season
(58 Wins and a World Series in 2017-18)
Coach: Brett Grande - 8th Season
(58 Wins and a World Series in 2017-18)
Coach: Ryan McNamara - 4th season
(58 Wins and a World Series in 2017-18)
Coach: Frank Jarek
(1st Season Blue Devils Coach)
How to add your team's schedule to your iphone:


This *may* work for Android too, I don't know, but here is how you add the team events to your phone's calendar without manually having to enter anything.  It will also update automatically when changes happen:

  • From Safari (or your phone's browser), go to
  • Go to Teams --> Select a team (select your team)
  • You should now be on the team News page.  Tap Teams --> Schedule
  • Now that you are on the schedule page, notice that to the right of the word "Schedule" is a calendar icon with a bit of red on it.  Tap it and you will see a pop up asking if you want to subscribe.  Tab "Subscribe".  This adds the team calendar to your iphone.
  • Note:  If you don't see the events for the team in your phone's calendar, you may need to go to the list of calendars and make sure it's selected.  On an Iphone, this is done by tapping the "calendars" menu on the bottom center of the screen when in the Calendar app.
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